Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Average Height

Americans seem to have this thing where they think Asians are shorter than White people to a significant degree. It's not true. Yeah sure, there are very short Asians, and very tall White people, but the reverse is true as well. Statistically, there is a noticeable, but small difference - and it's steadily decreasing. Yet some people continue to ask silly questions like "Do you bang your head everywhere?", etc. No, of course not - not any more than I would in the US.

This is common sense to me, knowing a lot of Asians in the US, and having spent a lot of time in Asia, but I decided to quantify it a bit.

So let's have a look at the mean heights for males and females in the US and Japan:

Data from Wikipedia.

For the metric impaired, that's 1.4 inches for guys and 1.3 inches for girls. Not much of a difference, especially when you take into account that the variance of height of individuals is much greater than this. There is also evidence that the difference is decreasing due to a convergence of diets between countries as the world becomes a smaller place. So are Japanese people shorter? Statistically speaking, yes. Enough shorter to matter? No.


BlazeRing said...

Bro, the difference is like 15cm. For the metric impaired, that's. Between 4 and 5 inches. And that's a pretty big difference.

AJ 'Jmax' B. said...

LOL @ BlazeRing... "BRO", aren't you seeing the statistics? Another thing to consider is the region on a particular country. For example, the further north you go in Mexico the population tends to be taller. This applies to the US and any other country; there are certain ethnic groups that will be taller thus influencing the average height of a specific country.